Punjabi or Gurmukhi Unicode Key assignment [You can create Gurmukhi text by clicking buttons below]
Vowel Signs
Roman eq. a aa/A i ii/I u uu/U vocr vocrr LL ec e ee/E ai oc o oo/O au x virama
Roman eq. ka Ka ga Ga nga kha gha ca cha ja jha nya ta Ta da Da Na
Roman eq. tha Tha dha Dha na/nna pa pha ba bha/Ba ma ya ra Ra la La va sha sa ha za fa
0 1
2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9

Punjabi or Gurmukhi Language

Punjabi is the State Language of Punjab, the northern state of India. It is widely spoken in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan, Jammu and Kashmir. It is written in Gurmukhi script

Gurmukhi Script

The Gurmukhī (ਗੁਰਮੁਖੀ) script, derived from the Later Sharada script and standardised by Guru Angad Dev in the 16th century, was designed to write the Punjabi language. The whole of the Guru Granth Sahib's 1430 pages are written in this script. The word Gurmukhi is commonly translated as "from the Mouth of the Guru". Gurmukhi is a form of writing system called an abugida, as each consonant has an inherent vowel (a), that can be changed using vowel signs. Modern Gurmukhi has forty-one consonants (Vianjans), nine vowel symbols (Laga Matra), two symbols for nasal sounds (Bindi and Tippi) and one symbol which duplicates the sound of any consonant (Addak). In addition, four conjuncts are used: three subjoined forms of the consonants Rara, Haha and Vava, and one half-form of Yayya. Use of the conjunct forms of Vava and Yayya is increasingly scarce in modern contexts. Gurmukhi has been adapted to write other languages, such as Braj Bhasha, Hindi, Sanskrit and Sindhi.

Gurmukhi UNICODE Chart

25610A01Gurmukhi Sign ADAK BINDI
25620A02Gurmukhi Sign BINDI
25630A03Gurmukhi Sign VISARGA
25650A05Gurmukhi Letter A
25660A06Gurmukhi Letter AA
25670A07Gurmukhi Letter I
25680A08Gurmukhi Letter II
25690A09Gurmukhi Letter U
25700A0AGurmukhi Letter UU
25750A0FGurmukhi Letter EE
25760A10Gurmukhi Letter AI
25790A13Gurmukhi Letter OO
25800A14Gurmukhi Letter AU
25810A15Gurmukhi Letter KA
25820A16Gurmukhi Letter KHA
25830A17Gurmukhi Letter GA
25840A18Gurmukhi Letter GHA
25850A19Gurmukhi Letter NGA
25860A1AGurmukhi Letter CA
25870A1BGurmukhi Letter CHA
25880A1CGurmukhi Letter JA
25890A1DGurmukhi Letter JHA
25900A1EGurmukhi Letter NYA
25910A1FGurmukhi Letter TTA
25920A20Gurmukhi Letter TTHA
25930A21Gurmukhi Letter DDA
25940A22Gurmukhi Letter DDHA
25950A23Gurmukhi Letter NNA
25960A24Gurmukhi Letter TA
25970A25Gurmukhi Letter THA
25980A26Gurmukhi Letter DA
25990A27Gurmukhi Letter DHA
26000A28Gurmukhi Letter NA
26020A2AGurmukhi Letter PA
26030A2BGurmukhi Letter PHA
26040A2CGurmukhi Letter BA
26050A2DGurmukhi Letter BHA
26060A2EGurmukhi Letter MA
26070A2FGurmukhi Letter YA
26080A30Gurmukhi Letter RA
26100A32Gurmukhi Letter LA
26110A33Gurmukhi Letter LLA
26130A35Gurmukhi Letter VA
26140A36Gurmukhi Letter SHA
26160A38Gurmukhi Letter SA
26170A39Gurmukhi Letter HA
26200A3CGurmukhi Sign NUKTA
26220A3EGurmukhi Vowel Sign AA
ਿ26230A3FGurmukhi Vowel Sign I
26240A40Gurmukhi Vowel Sign II
26250A41Gurmukhi Vowel Sign U
26260A42Gurmukhi Vowel Sign UU
26310A47Gurmukhi Vowel Sign EE
26320A48Gurmukhi Vowel Sign AI
26350A4BGurmukhi Vowel Sign OO
26360A4CGurmukhi Vowel Sign AU
26370A4DGurmukhi Sign VIRAMA
26490A59Gurmukhi Letter KHHA
26500A5AGurmukhi Letter GHHA
26510A5BGurmukhi Letter ZA
26520A5CGurmukhi Letter RRA
26540A5EGurmukhi Letter FA
26620A66Gurmukhi Digit ZERO
26630A67Gurmukhi Digit ONE
26640A68Gurmukhi Digit TWO
26650A69Gurmukhi Digit THREE
26660A6AGurmukhi Digit FOUR
26670A6BGurmukhi Digit FIVE
26680A6CGurmukhi Digit SIX
26690A6DGurmukhi Digit SEVEN
26700A6EGurmukhi Digit EIGHT
26710A6FGurmukhi Digit NINE
26720A70Gurmukhi TIPPI
26730A71Gurmukhi ADDAK
26740A72Gurmukhi IRI
26750A73Gurmukhi URA
26760A74Gurmukhi EK ONKAR