Oriya Unicode Key assignment [You can create Oriya text by clicking buttons below]
Romaneq. a aa/A i ii/I u uu/U vocr vocrr LL ec e ee/E ai oc o oo/O au x virama
Romaneq. ka Ka ga Ga nga ca cha ja jha nya ta Ta da Da Na tha Tha dha Dha na/nna
Romaneq. pa pha ba bha/Ba ma ya ra Ra rha la La va sha Sha sa ha yya isshar
0 1
2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9

Oriya Language

Oriya (ଓଡ଼ିଆ) is one of the Indian languages mainly spoken in the Indian state of Orissa, though there are also significant Oriya-speaking populations in other linguistic regions, Surat being the second largest Oriya speaking city in India. The language is also an official language of India. It is actually pronounced as ODIA. Oriya is an Indo-Aryan language and is thought to be directly descended from the Prakrit known as Purva Magadhi that was spoken in Eastern India over 1,500 years ago. It bears a very strong resemblance to the modern languages, Bangla (Bengali) and Ahomiya (Assamese). Of all the languages spoken in northern India, Oriya appears to be the least influenced by Persian and Arabic.

Oriya Script

The Oriya script is used to write the Oriya language. The Oriya script developed from the Kalinga script, one of the many descendents of the Brahmi script of ancient India. The earliest known inscription in the Oriya language, in the Kalinga script, dates from 1051.

The curved appearance of the Oriya script is a result of the practice of writing on palm leaves, which have a tendency to tear if you use too many straight lines.

Oriya UNICODE Chart

28170B01Oriya Sign CANDRABINDU
28180B02Oriya Sign ANUSVARA
28190B03Oriya Sign VISARGA
28210B05Oriya Letter A
28220B06Oriya Letter AA
28230B07Oriya Letter I
28240B08Oriya Letter II
28250B09Oriya Letter U
28260B0AOriya Letter UU
28270B0BOriya Letter VOCALIC R
28280B0COriya Letter VOCALIC L
28310B0FOriya Letter E
28320B10Oriya Letter AI
28350B13Oriya Letter O
28360B14Oriya Letter AU
28370B15Oriya Letter KA
28380B16Oriya Letter KHA
28390B17Oriya Letter GA
28400B18Oriya Letter GHA
28410B19Oriya Letter NGA
28420B1AOriya Letter CA
28430B1BOriya Letter CHA
28440B1COriya Letter JA
28450B1DOriya Letter JHA
28460B1EOriya Letter NYA
28470B1FOriya Letter TTA
28480B20Oriya Letter TTHA
28490B21Oriya Letter DDA
28500B22Oriya Letter DDHA
28510B23Oriya Letter NNA
28520B24Oriya Letter TA
28530B25Oriya Letter THA
28540B26Oriya Letter DA
28550B27Oriya Letter DHA
28560B28Oriya Letter NA
28580B2AOriya Letter PA
28590B2BOriya Letter PHA
28600B2COriya Letter BA
28610B2DOriya Letter BHA
28620B2EOriya Letter MA
28630B2FOriya Letter YA
28640B30Oriya Letter RA
28660B32Oriya Letter LA
28670B33Oriya Letter LLA
28690B35Oriya Letter VA
28700B36Oriya Letter SHA
28710B37Oriya Letter SSA
28720B38Oriya Letter SA
28730B39Oriya Letter HA
28760B3COriya Sign NUKTA
28770B3DOriya Sign AVAGRAHA
28780B3EOriya Vowel Sign AA
ି28790B3FOriya Vowel Sign I
28800B40Oriya Vowel Sign II
28810B41Oriya Vowel Sign U
28820B42Oriya Vowel Sign UU
28830B43Oriya Vowel Sign VOCALIC R
28870B47Oriya Vowel Sign E
28880B48Oriya Vowel Sign AI
28910B4BOriya Vowel Sign O
28920B4COriya Vowel Sign AU
28930B4DOriya Sign VIRAMA
29020B56Oriya AI LENGTH MARK
29030B57Oriya AU LENGTH MARK
29080B5COriya Letter RRA
29090B5DOriya Letter RHA
29110B5FOriya Letter YYA
29120B60Oriya Letter VOCALIC RR
29130B61Oriya Letter VOCALIC LL
29180B66Oriya Digit ZERO
29190B67Oriya Digit ONE
29200B68Oriya Digit TWO
29210B69Oriya Digit THREE
29220B6AOriya Digit FOUR
29230B6BOriya Digit FIVE
29240B6COriya Digit SIX
29250B6DOriya Digit SEVEN
29260B6EOriya Digit EIGHT
29270B6FOriya Digit NINE
29280B70Oriya ISSHAR
29290B71Oriya Letter WA