Hindi Language - Devanagari (Sanskrit/Hindi) Script

Devanagari Unicode Key assignment [You can create Sanskirit/Devanagari text by clicking buttons below]
Vowel Signs
Roman eq. a aa/A i ii/I u uu/U ru rru ao e ee ai oc o O au q vl vll/vL
Roman eq. ka Ka ga Ga nga ca cha ja jha nya ta Ta da Da Na tha Tha dha Dha na
Roman eq. pa pha ba bha/Ba ma ya ra Ra la La zh(LLL) va/wa sha Sha sa ha im aA hh cn
om 0 1
2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9

Hindi is spoken mainly in the Northern part of India, however it is widely understood all across India, except a few states of Southern India.
The main areas where Hindi is spoken are Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal, Haryana, Panjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, parts of Maharashtra, Andhra & Karnataka.

Devanagri Script

Hindi language uses the Devanagari script which has 12 svara (pure sounds, or vowels) and 34 vyanjana (ornamented sounds, consonants). An akshara is formed by the combination of zero or one vyanjana and one or more svar, and represents a phonetic unit of the shabda (word). The akshara is written by applying standard diacritical modifiers to the vyanjana corresponding to the svara. An akshara is usually more basic and predictable than the syllable in English. For example, the English 'cat' (considered to have just one syllable) is written as two aksharas, the 'k-a' and the 'ta'.

The svara and vyanjana are ordered and grouped logically for studying or reciting. Thus the pure sounds, 'a', 'i', 'u' and their lengthened versions ('aa', 'ii', 'uu') are followed by the combined ('ae', 'ai', 'o', 'ou'), nasal ('.m') and aspirated ('.h') forms. The vyanjana themselves are grouped into 6 groups (rows) of 5 (columns).

Devanagari is written from left to right. In Sanskrit, words were written together without spaces, so that the top bar is unbroken, although there were some exceptions to this rule. The break of the top line primarily marks breath groups. In modern languages, word breaks are used. Languages written with Devanagari require no case distinction.

Urdu and Hindi

Urdu language has evolved from several languages such as Turkish, Persian and Arabic, and dialects spoken in India. Urdu means the royal camp, in which many languages mingled. Also known as Rekhta meaning mixed. Urdu had acquired a variety of styles that include predominantly, the Dilli and the Lukhnavi styles along with the Deccani. Urdu related with Hindi much more intimately and even problematically. As professed by many scholars, Urdu and Hindi could really be seen as twin languages. They were both referred to as Hindavi or Hindui.

Devanagari UNICODE Chart

23050901Devanagari Sign CANDRABINDU
23060902Devanagari Sign ANUSVARA
23070903Devanagari Sign VISARGA
23080904Devanagari Letter SHORT A
23090905Devanagari Letter A
23100906Devanagari Letter AA
23110907Devanagari Letter I
23120908Devanagari Letter II
23130909Devanagari Letter U
2314090ADevanagari Letter UU
2315090BDevanagari Letter VOCALIC R
2316090CDevanagari Letter VOCALIC L
2317090DDevanagari Letter CANDRA E
2318090EDevanagari Letter SHORT E
2319090FDevanagari Letter E
23200910Devanagari Letter AI
23210911Devanagari Letter CANDRA O
23220912Devanagari Letter SHORT O
23230913Devanagari Letter O
23240914Devanagari Letter AU
23250915Devanagari Letter KA
23260916Devanagari Letter KHA
23270917Devanagari Letter GA
23280918Devanagari Letter GHA
23290919Devanagari Letter NGA
2330091ADevanagari Letter CA
2331091BDevanagari Letter CHA
2332091CDevanagari Letter JA
2333091DDevanagari Letter JHA
2334091EDevanagari Letter NYA
2335091FDevanagari Letter TTA
23360920Devanagari Letter TTHA
23370921Devanagari Letter DDA
23380922Devanagari Letter DDHA
23390923Devanagari Letter NNA
23400924Devanagari Letter TA
23410925Devanagari Letter THA
23420926Devanagari Letter DA
23430927Devanagari Letter DHA
23440928Devanagari Letter NA
23450929Devanagari Letter NNNA
2346092ADevanagari Letter PA
2347092BDevanagari Letter PHA
2348092CDevanagari Letter BA
2349092DDevanagari Letter BHA
2350092EDevanagari Letter MA
2351092FDevanagari Letter YA
23520930Devanagari Letter RA
23530931Devanagari Letter RRA
23540932Devanagari Letter LA
23550933Devanagari Letter LLA
23560934Devanagari Letter LLLA
23570935Devanagari Letter VA
23580936Devanagari Letter SHA
23590937Devanagari Letter SSA
23600938Devanagari Letter SA
23610939Devanagari Letter HA
2364093CDevanagari Sign NUKTA
2365093DDevanagari Sign AVAGRAHA
2366093EDevanagari Vowel Sign AA
ि2367093FDevanagari Vowel Sign I
23680940Devanagari Vowel Sign II
23690941Devanagari Vowel Sign U
23700942Devanagari Vowel Sign UU
23710943Devanagari Vowel Sign VOCALIC R
23720944Devanagari Vowel Sign VOCALIC RR
23730945Devanagari Vowel Sign CANDRA E
23740946Devanagari Vowel Sign SHORT E
23750947Devanagari Vowel Sign E
23760948Devanagari Vowel Sign AI
23770949Devanagari Vowel Sign CANDRA O
2378094ADevanagari Vowel Sign SHORT O
2379094BDevanagari Vowel Sign O
2380094CDevanagari Vowel Sign AU
2381094DDevanagari Sign VIRAMA
23840950Devanagari OM
23850951Devanagari STRESS Sign UDATTA
23860952Devanagari STRESS Sign ANUDATTA
23870953Devanagari GRAVE ACCENT
23880954Devanagari ACUTE ACCENT
23920958Devanagari Letter QA
23930959Devanagari Letter KHHA
2394095ADevanagari Letter GHHA
2395095BDevanagari Letter ZA
2396095CDevanagari Letter DDDHA
2397095DDevanagari Letter RHA
2398095EDevanagari Letter FA
2399095FDevanagari Letter YYA
24000960Devanagari Letter VOCALIC RR
24010961Devanagari Letter VOCALIC LL
24020962Devanagari Vowel Sign VOCALIC L
24030963Devanagari Vowel Sign VOCALIC LL
24040964Devanagari DANDA
24050965Devanagari DOUBLE DANDA
24060966Devanagari Digit ZERO
24070967Devanagari Digit ONE
24080968Devanagari Digit TWO
24090969Devanagari Digit THREE
2410096ADevanagari Digit FOUR
2411096BDevanagari Digit FIVE
2412096CDevanagari Digit SIX
2413096DDevanagari Digit SEVEN
2414096EDevanagari Digit EIGHT
2415096FDevanagari Digit NINE
24160970Devanagari ABBREVIATION Sign