Gujarathi Unicode Key assignment [You can create Gujarathi text by clicking buttons below]
Vowel Signs
Roman eq. a aa/A i ii/I u uu/U vocr vocrr LL ec e ee/E ai oc o oo/O au x virama
Roman eq. ka Ka ga Ga nga ca cha ja jha nya ta Ta da Da Na tha Tha dha Dha na/nna
Roman eq. pa pha ba bha/Ba ma ya ra la La va sha Sha sa ha
om 0 1
2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9

Gujarathi Language

Gujarati is the state language of Gujarat, an western state of India. More than 60 Million people worldwide consider Gujarati as their first language. It uses Gujarati Script.

Gujarathi Script

The Gujarati script, which like all Nagari writing systems is strictly speaking an abugida rather than an alphabet, is used to write the Gujarati language and the Kutchi language. It resembles Devanagari script without the line. A few letters are different, such as e (when not preceded by a consonant), l, and j. Also its numerical digits are different from their Devanagari counterparts.

With a few additional characters, added for this purpose, Gujarati can also be used to write Sanskrit.

The Gujarati alphabet utilizes overall 94 distinct legitimate and recognised shapes, which mainly includes 34 vyanjana (ornamented sounds ֠consonants), 2 compound characters that are treated as consonants (not lexically though), and 14 svara (pure sounds ֠vowels).

The consonants (vyanjana), on the other hand, are grouped in eight categories; seven of which are named by considering the usage and position of the tongue during their pronunciation.

Gujarati UNICODE Chart

26890A81Gujarati Sign CANDRABINDU
26900A82Gujarati Sign ANUSVARA
26910A83Gujarati Sign VISARGA
26930A85Gujarati Letter A
26940A86Gujarati Letter AA
26950A87Gujarati Letter I
26960A88Gujarati Letter II
26970A89Gujarati Letter U
26980A8AGujarati Letter UU
26990A8BGujarati Letter VOCALIC R
27000A8CGujarati Letter VOCALIC L
27010A8DGujarati Vowel CANDRA E
27030A8FGujarati Letter E
27040A90Gujarati Letter AI
27050A91Gujarati Vowel CANDRA O
27070A93Gujarati Letter O
27080A94Gujarati Letter AU
27090A95Gujarati Letter KA
27100A96Gujarati Letter KHA
27110A97Gujarati Letter GA
27120A98Gujarati Letter GHA
27130A99Gujarati Letter NGA
27140A9AGujarati Letter CA
27150A9BGujarati Letter CHA
27160A9CGujarati Letter JA
27170A9DGujarati Letter JHA
27180A9EGujarati Letter NYA
27190A9FGujarati Letter TTA
27200AA0Gujarati Letter TTHA
27210AA1Gujarati Letter DDA
27220AA2Gujarati Letter DDHA
27230AA3Gujarati Letter NNA
27240AA4Gujarati Letter TA
27250AA5Gujarati Letter THA
27260AA6Gujarati Letter DA
27270AA7Gujarati Letter DHA
27280AA8Gujarati Letter NA
27300AAAGujarati Letter PA
27310AABGujarati Letter PHA
27320AACGujarati Letter BA
27330AADGujarati Letter BHA
27340AAEGujarati Letter MA
27350AAFGujarati Letter YA
27360AB0Gujarati Letter RA
27380AB2Gujarati Letter LA
27390AB3Gujarati Letter LLA
27410AB5Gujarati Letter VA
27420AB6Gujarati Letter SHA
27430AB7Gujarati Letter SSA
27440AB8Gujarati Letter SA
27450AB9Gujarati Letter HA
27480ABCGujarati Sign NUKTA
27490ABDGujarati Sign AVAGRAHA
27500ABEGujarati Vowel Sign AA
િ27510ABFGujarati Vowel Sign I
27520AC0Gujarati Vowel Sign II
27530AC1Gujarati Vowel Sign U
27540AC2Gujarati Vowel Sign UU
27550AC3Gujarati Vowel Sign VOCALIC R
27560AC4Gujarati Vowel Sign VOCALIC RR
27570AC5Gujarati Vowel Sign CANDRA E
27590AC7Gujarati Vowel Sign E
27600AC8Gujarati Vowel Sign AI
27610AC9Gujarati Vowel Sign CANDRA O
27630ACBGujarati Vowel Sign O
27640ACCGujarati Vowel Sign AU
27650ACDGujarati Sign VIRAMA
27680AD0Gujarati OM
27840AE0Gujarati Letter VOCALIC RR
27850AE1Gujarati Letter VOCALIC LL
27860AE2Gujarati Vowel Sign VOCALIC L
27870AE3Gujarati Vowel Sign VOCALIC LL
27900AE6Gujarati Digit ZERO
27910AE7Gujarati Digit ONE
27920AE8Gujarati Digit TWO
27930AE9Gujarati Digit THREE
27940AEAGujarati Digit FOUR
27950AEBGujarati Digit FIVE
27960AECGujarati Digit SIX
27970AEDGujarati Digit SEVEN
27980AEEGujarati Digit EIGHT
27990AEFGujarati Digit NINE
28010AF1Gujarati Rupee Sign