Bengali Unicode Key assignment [You can create Bengali text by clicking buttons below]
Vowel Signs
Roman eq. a aa/A i ii/I u uu/U voc r voc rr LL ec e ee/E ai oc o oo/O au x virama
Roman eq. ka Ka ga Ga nga ca cha ja jha nya ta Ta da Da Na tha Tha dha Dha na/nna
Roman eq. pa pha ba bha/Ba ma ya ra Ra rha yya La sha Sha sa ha isshar
0 1
2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9


Bengali is the state language of West Bengal and Bangladesh. It uses Bengali Script.

Bangla is written in the Bangla alphasyllabary (also called syllabic alphabet or abugida), a Brahmic script similar to the Devanagari alphasyllabary used for Hindi, Sanskrit, and many other Indic languages. The Bangla alphasyllabary is a cursive script with 12 vowel characters and 52 consonant characters. As in all alphasyllabaries, every consonant in the Bangla script has an inherent embedded vowel sound. To suppress the embedded vowel sound, an extra diacritic must be added below the consonant. Vowels can be written as independent letters, or by writing a variety of diacritics above, below, before, after, or around the consonant they belong to. Consonant clusters are typically indicated by ligating two or more symbols. The phonemic inventory of Bangla consists of 29 consonants and 14 vowels, including the seven nasalized vowels.

This same script, with a few small modifications, is also used for writing Assamese. Other related languages in the region also make use of the Bangla alphabet. Meithei (Manipuri), a Sino-Tibetan language used in the Indian state of Manipur, was written in the Bangla alphasyllabary for centuries, until the 1980s, when Meetei Mayek (the Meithei alphasyllabary) returned to daily usage. For centuries, the Sylheti language used a different script, based on the Devanagari alphasyllabary. This script, called Sylheti Nagori, has now fallen out of use, as most speakers of Sylheti have adopted the Bangla script.

Bengali UNICODE Chart

24330981Bengali Sign CANDRABINDU
24340982Bengali Sign ANUSVARA
24350983Bengali Sign VISARGA
24370985Bengali Letter A
24380986Bengali Letter AA
24390987Bengali Letter I
24400988Bengali Letter II
24410989Bengali Letter U
2442098ABengali Letter UU
2443098BBengali Letter VOCALIC R
2444098CBengali Letter VOCALIC L
2447098FBengali Letter E
24480990Bengali Letter AI
24510993Bengali Letter O
24520994Bengali Letter AU
24530995Bengali Letter KA
24540996Bengali Letter KHA
24550997Bengali Letter GA
24560998Bengali Letter GHA
24570999Bengali Letter NGA
2458099ABengali Letter CA
2459099BBengali Letter CHA
2460099CBengali Letter JA
2461099DBengali Letter JHA
2462099EBengali Letter NYA
2463099FBengali Letter TTA
246409A0Bengali Letter TTHA
246509A1Bengali Letter DDA
246609A2Bengali Letter DDHA
246709A3Bengali Letter NNA
246809A4Bengali Letter TA
246909A5Bengali Letter THA
247009A6Bengali Letter DA
247109A7Bengali Letter DHA
247209A8Bengali Letter NA
247409AABengali Letter PA
247509ABBengali Letter PHA
247609ACBengali Letter BA
247709ADBengali Letter BHA
247809AEBengali Letter MA
247909AFBengali Letter YA
248009B0Bengali Letter RA
248209B2Bengali Letter LA
248609B6Bengali Letter SHA
248709B7Bengali Letter SSA
248809B8Bengali Letter SA
248909B9Bengali Letter HA
249209BCBengali Sign NUKTA
249309BDBengali Sign AVAGRAHA
249409BEBengali Vowel Sign AA
ি249509BFBengali Vowel Sign I
249609C0Bengali Vowel Sign II
249709C1Bengali Vowel Sign U
249809C2Bengali Vowel Sign UU
249909C3Bengali Vowel Sign VOCALIC R
250009C4Bengali Vowel Sign VOCALIC RR
250309C7Bengali Vowel Sign E
250409C8Bengali Vowel Sign AI
250709CBBengali Vowel Sign O
250809CCBengali Vowel Sign AU
250909CDBengali Sign VIRAMA
251909D7Bengali AU LENGTH MARK
252409DCBengali Letter RRA
252509DDBengali Letter RHA
252709DFBengali Letter YYA
252809E0Bengali Letter VOCALIC RR
252909E1Bengali Letter VOCALIC LL
253009E2Bengali Vowel Sign VOCALIC L
253109E3Bengali Vowel Sign VOCALIC LL
253409E6Bengali Digit ZERO
253509E7Bengali Digit ONE
253609E8Bengali Digit TWO
253709E9Bengali Digit THREE
253809EABengali Digit FOUR
253909EBBengali Digit FIVE
254009ECBengali Digit SIX
254109EDBengali Digit SEVEN
254209EEBengali Digit EIGHT
254309EFBengali Digit NINE
254409F0Bengali Letter RA WITH MIDDLE DIAGONAL
254509F1Bengali Letter RA WITH LOWER DIAGONAL
254609F2Bengali Rupee MARK
254709F3Bengali Rupee Sign
254809F4Bengali Currency NUMERATOR ONE
254909F5Bengali Currency NUMERATOR TWO
255009F6Bengali Currency NUMERATOR THREE
255109F7Bengali Currency NUMERATOR FOUR
255309F9Bengali Currency DENOMINATOR SIXTEEN
255409FABengali ISSHAR